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artst Challenges - Terms & Conditions


artst Challenges - Terms & Conditions


Date: 1st April 2021

Start date

1st January 2021 at 09:00AM (GMT)


Closing date

1st December 2021 at 11:59PM (GMT)


How to enter 

Entrants must create an artist account at manage.artstmedia.com and proceed to launch their membership by following onsite instructions/playbooks.


Prize details

$250 cash reward: 30-day Challenge (only 3 prizes available)

$100 cash reward: Race to 15 Members

$250 cash reward: Race to 25 Members

$250 cash reward: Race to 50 Members


Entry restrictions

All entrant accounts must enter as or on behalf of an artist with music on a DSP (Spotify). 

All members and revenue must be acquired through methods that stay within the local laws of the artist.



Must complete a challenge to receive a Prize.

30-day Challenge: Generate $60 within 30 days after launching your membership.

Race to 15 Members: First artist on the artst platform to reach 15 members.

Race to 25 Members: First artist on the artst platform to reach 25 members.

Race to 50 Members: First artist on the artst platform to reach 50 members.


How and when winners will be notified

Winners should reach out to the artst Team if they believe they have completed a challenge.

Contact us via help@artstmedia.com


Winners will receive their prizes

Via bank transfer (UK) or paypal (international) within 14 days of challenge completion.

If there is a preferred payment method other than these, please let the artst Staff know and we can make arrangements to suit the entrant’s needs.