How do I edit my artst Hub (profile) and launch my membership?

Learn how to edit and prepare your artstHub, ready for launching your community.


Editing Your Profile

Once you’ve successfully logged into your account on the artst web app, click on Profile in the left side menu. Here you can edit your names, bio, hometown, genre tags, and profile photos. Feel free to add as much detail in any of these sections to maximise your chances of grabbing the attention of your fans.


Artist Name is the name displayed around the app. We recommend using the name displayed on streaming platforms.


Also Known As is an opportunity to let your fans in on a little secret. Some might use this to display their birth name while others may add a childhood nickname. You have complete freedom to add (or not add) whatever you want.


Bio can be used to describe you as an artist. You can also add links to bring attention to other projects you may be working on.


Genre Tags can be used to associate yourself with specific styles of music and the artists who share those styles.


Cover Photo is displayed as the main photo on your profile page.


Profile Photo is the avatar which is displayed around the app with your name.


Preparing for Launch - Before You Publish

There are two sets of tasks to complete before you launch: required tasks and recommended (optional) tasks.


Membership Details (Required)

  • We recommend taking advantage of the name and description to entice your fans.

  • The minimum price you can set is $1 per month, and every price is a pay what you want model. This allows your more supportive/wealthy fans are able to pay extra each month if they feel like it. If you’re unsure about which price to choose, check out this article.

  • You can also set a capacity for members within your community. When your capacity is reached, additional fans will no longer be able to join, but they can sign up to be on the waiting list.

  • As an artist, you must decide on the price and currency of your membership before you publish your artst Hub. As soon as a member joins your membership, you will no longer be able to change the price or currency.
  • You can change the name, description and capacity at any time.
  • Coming soon: Multiple Tiers of Memberships and One-Time Purchases


Connect Stripe Account (Required)

  • You must create and connect your account on Stripe, the payment processor. This allows you to collect and withdraw your subscription revenue.

  • If you’re having trouble with your Stripe account, please head over to the Stripe help center.


Profile Photos (Recommended)

  • To upload your profile and cover photo, click on Profile in the left side menu.

  • See explanation above for the difference between cover and profile photo.


Set Default Thumbnail (Recommended)

  • A default thumbnail allows you to easily post content without having to worry about creating or finding thumbnail artwork.

  • In some cases, artists will use their cover photo as their default thumbnail, but it’s completely up to you and you can change thumbnails at any point.


3x Published Uploads (Recommended)

  • We highly recommend posting public and premium content on your profile before launching.

  • When fans visit your profile, you want them to be pleasantly surprised with some free-to-view content and some content on the premium side of the paywall.

  • To publish content, click the upload button in the top right and follow the directions.

  • If you’re having trouble uploading content, check out these articles:


1x Upcoming Event (Recommended)

  • We recommend creating an upcoming event like a live stream or a music video release to keep fans engaged after joining.

  • To create an upcoming event, click on Upcoming in the left side menu.

  • Here, you can add an event with a countdown that sends your members notifications to warn them when it's happening.


Launching Your Membership

  • Once you're happy that everything is set up and ready, head to the Profile Visibility in Settings and switch to Active (Published).