How do I manage payouts and withdraw my funds?

In this section, we’ll be outlining the setup and payout process for receiving your membership revenue, as well as the policies we have in place to protect you from committing any financial wrongdoing.


  • Setting Up and Connecting Your Stripe Account

  • Withdrawing Funds

  • Understanding Your Earnings

  • Taxes and Fees


Setting Up and Connecting Your Stripe Account

What is Stripe? artst uses Stripe to get you paid quickly and keep your personal and payment information secure. Thousands of companies around the world trust Stripe to process payments for their users. You must set up a Stripe account to get paid with artst. To learn more about Stripe, you can visit their website.

On the artst web app, start by clicking on “Settings” in the left side menu.

Scroll down to the Stripe section and click on the Stripe button to create or connect your account with Stripe. You’ll be taken to the Stripe interface. Follow the instructions and finish creating an account or signing in. Once you’re in, you’ll be taken to your dashboard. Here you need to activate your Stripe account. If your account is already activated, skip ahead.

Follow the instructions and enter the relevant details to activate your Stripe account. If you need assistance with this process, please visit the Stripe Help Centre.

Once your account is activated, return to your artst Settings and you should see your account details in the Stripe section.

If you’re having problems with connecting your account, please contact us here.


Withdrawing Funds

To withdraw your funds, head to and make sure you’re signed into the account you connected to artst.


Understanding Your Earnings

artst takes a flat 20% cut from your subscription revenue and this includes all payment processing fees. In other words, you’ll receive exactly 80% of all subscription revenue you generate.