How do I post a video on artst?

Step by step process of uploading and posting a video to artst.

To Start

Open the creator studio in YouTube or Vimeo, log in to the artst web app and click on “Upload” in the left side menu.

If you’re ever uploading and you close the upload window, any details you entered will be saved to a draft. Drafts can be found in the “Drafts” section, under “Manage Content” in the left side menu.


Posting a Video

The first step is to upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo. Remember to make your video Secret/Unlisted on the platform you created it, in order to prevent anyone who isn’t a member from finding it. If you need help uploading videos to YouTube or Vimeo, please review the following articles for each platform:

Once complete, return to the artst web app and click on the “Video” option in the Upload window.

The next step is to enter the URL from your video on YouTube or Vimeo. When a valid URL is entered, you should see a preview of the video to the right.

You can also add an optional preview. This is the version that can be accessed by free users who are yet to join your membership. This is a great opportunity to give them a taste of what lies behind the paywall.

You can upload a thumbnail - a photo that’s used as the display piece on your artst Hub when a user is browsing your content. If you’re interested in learning more about how to create effective thumbnails, check out this article. You can also use your default thumbnail which is set and changed in your Profile Settings. A default thumbnail is a thumbnail that can be easily used every time you create a post, saving you time and hassle.

Once these details have been added, you can click on Next in the top right of the upload window.

Now you can add a title and a description for your video post. You can also add tags that relate to this specific video.

Coming soon: members can search for artists and their content using tags. 

For example, if you post a cooking show, use tags such as cooking, discussion, tutorial, comedy, etc. 

You must also decide who can access this video post. Click on “Options” and you will be shown three options:

  • Members Only (Featurable)

  • Members Only (Private)

  • Free to View (Featurable)

“Members Only” means that only your paying members can access this video. However, if you select the “Featured” option, you give us permission to feature the video in curated collections on the home page and around the app. If we decide to feature the video, any user on the app (whether they’re a member or not) can view this video. This is a great opportunity to receive additional exposure that may lead to audience growth both on and off the artst platform. If you select “Free to View”, the post will be available to anyone, including free users, and you also give us permission to feature this post.

Finally, you can add this audio to a series. If you’re unsure what a series is or how to use them, check out this article.

Click on “Next” to go to the last stage in the posting process. Here you can see a preview of how your post will be displayed to users on the mobile app.

You can schedule the post to be published at a later date. These posts can be found in the “Scheduled” section, under “Manage Content” in the left side menu.

Click “Post” to publish the video or confirm the scheduling if you’ve entered a schedule date and time.