How do I set up and edit my membership?

Learn about the process of setting up and optimising your membership.

You can create and edit your Membership in the “Membership” section in the left side menu.

Start by entering a name for your membership that grabs attention and summarises the experience you’re providing. For example, “The Eliza Drake Experience”.

Now add a description to outline the benefits you’ll be offering to your members. We recommend listing each type of benefit, how often they’ll be received and how the money directly helps you. This is a great opportunity to really sell what you’re offering.

Next, add a monthly price for your membership. Bear in mind that we take a flat 20% cut of your monthly revenue and this includes payment processing fees. In other words, you’ll receive exactly 80% of the subscription revenue you generate each month. Check out this article for tips and guidance on selecting a price. We recommend selecting the currency that most of your fans use, as this will help to make potential members feel more comfortable when paying.

Please note that you can only edit your price up until your first member joins. Once you have your first member, you can no longer edit the price or currency of your membership. This is to protect fans from being scammed and also to protect you from damaging your relationship with your fans. Please take your time to decide on your price before launching your artst community.

You can also set a capacity for your membership. This is a maximum number of members and you can use this to boost the sense of exclusivity and urgency. You also have the option to control the narrative - if you aren’t sure whether you will reach capacity, “Hide” it from all visitors. As you get closer to reaching capacity, you can switch back to “Show” to boost urgency. You can always change your capacity but only to a number that is greater than the number of members you have at that time.

Lastly, you can add a free trial for launching your artst membership. Check out this article for more info on offering free trials.


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