How is content selected for featuring on the Home Page?

This article explains the discovery section of the artst App and how content is selected to be featured.

The discovery section is found on the home page of the artst mobile app, as soon as you log in. You can find collections of free-to-view content, curated by the artst Staff and various others. You can also find collections of recommended artsts on the platform.

The artst Staff curate these collections, but we look forward to inviting other individuals and organisations to have their turn. We feature any content which has been uploaded in “Featured” mode which gives us permission to showcase the content on the home page. Whenever you upload or edit a new post or live stream, you can decide on the publicity level by clicking on the Visibilty Options drop down.

We select content based on a number of attributes: insight, creativity, originality and fan-value. Please do not submit content for review via email or chat window. We review all content internally whenever a new piece is uploaded in "Featured" mode.