What are subscriptions? How do I use them?

Learn more about the concept of a subscription and your membership capabilities on artst.


  • What is a Subscription?
  • Setting up my Membership
  • Making Changes to my Membership
  • Ending (Deleting) my Membership
  • The Future of ARTST Marketplace


In the current version of artst, each artist can set up a single membership where supporters subscribe on a monthly basis in return for exclusive content and community benefits.


What is a Subscription?

The artst membership is a monthly subscription which is charged up front. This means a user can only gain access to the membership benefits after they have paid for their first instalment. The membership is charged in monthly intervals from the date the user first purchases the membership.

A member can cancel their membership at any time. Upon cancellation, the member will no longer have to pay any of the future instalments, but they will maintain access to all the benefits until the current month of their membership is over. Please note that if a member cancels their membership, they can still restore (reactivate) their membership if they do so before the current month of their membership is over.

For example, if the fan purchases a $5 membership on January 15th, they are charged $5 immediately. If the member cancels the membership before February 15th, they won't have to pay the next $5 or any other $5 instalment after that. However, if they cancel on February 2nd, the member maintains access to all the benefits until February 15th.


Setting Up my Membership

If you're having trouble setting up your membership, check out this article.


Making Changes to my Membership

As an artist, you must decide on the price and currency of your membership before you publish your ARTST Hub. As soon as a member joins your membership, you will no longer be able to change the price or currency.

You can change the name, description and capacity at any time.


Ending (Delete) my Membership

If you would like to end your membership and stop charging your supporters, please reach out to us via the chat window in the bottom right of your screen. Or email us at help@artstmedia.com


The Future of the ARTST Marketplace

As we develop the artst platform, you will begin to notice new features and capabilities that relate to your membership. Over the next 6-12 months we plan to implement:

  • Multiple Tiers of Memberships: Artists will be able to run multiple memberships at different price points with different levels of benefits.
  • One-Time Purchases: Artists will be able to sell single items of content, merch, music, and any other digital service or product within our guidelines.