What is a series and how should I use them?

Learn how series work and why they're a great tool for curating your artst experience.

A Series is a collection of content, ordered as episodes. Series can contain an unlimited number of any type of post, and they’re a great way to control the curation and presentation of content featured on your Artst Hub.

To start using Series click on ”Series” in the left side menu.

Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 5.22.01 pmTo create a Series click on the “+” button at the right end of the header.

Add a title to your Series and take into account the width of a phone screen. Series Titles look the best when they don’t exceed 25 characters. 

Click on “Save” to create the series.

You can hover over a series to view some options including “Edit” and “Delete”. If you have more than one series, you can change the order in which they’re displayed on your ARTST profile. You can do this by clicking and dragging a series.

To add content to a Series you must navigate to Manage Content in the left side menu. Here you can edit any post and add it to a series.

Or, you can bulk add multiple posts to a series in one go:

  1. check the boxes to the left of the posts you want to add

  2. click “Add to Series” at the top of the page

  3. search for and select the relevant series

  4. click “Save” on the right

To change the order in which your content is displayed in a series, go back to Series and edit the series you want to change. Then you can reorder the content as episodes by clicking and dragging each episode. Now click “Save” to save the new order and any other changes you make to this series.

To review your order of series and their episodes, we recommend logging into your artist account on the mobile app and visiting your Artst Hub.